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We at the Porcupine's Quill have always assigned the highest possible value to the printed word, both in content and in form. Our appreciation is made clear in our variety of “alphabet books”—books of varying genres that celebrate the function, beauty and personality of each and every letter of the alphabet. We also offer professional and amateur designers alike a number of alphabets for their own use, in the form of printable initials suitable for print and digital projects.

Alphabet Books

A Is for Alice
A Is for Alice
George A. Walker
ISBN 978-0-88984-323-3

‘In A Is for Alice, the visceral merriment and eccentricity at play in Lewis Carroll’s original masterwork shine brightly.’

—Patty Comeau, ForeWord Magazine

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The Book of Were
Wayne Clifford
ISBN 978-0-88984-281-6

‘The superbly crafted and enthusiastically recommended poems comprising Wayne Clifford’s The Book of Were are based on old engravings representing were-animals and were-folk, changelings at the edges of our known worlds and ordinary lives.’

—Michael Dunford, The Midwest Book Review

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A Brazilian Alphabet for the Younger Reader
P. K. Page
ISBN 978-0-88984-265-6

‘In the small suitcase of this alphabet we all—adults, children, travellers, book collectors, budding linguists—get a glimpse of a long, richly lived life.’

—Sarah Ellis, Quill & Quire

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An Illustrated Alphabet for the Illiterate
An Illustrated Alphabet for the Illiterate
Rudolf Kurz and Elizabeth Kurz
ISBN 978-0-88984-278-6

‘The glimpses of stories on each page may not deliver a moral or a point, in fact, many seem to hardly even make sense. But they do make sense, if only in that they simply celebrate the experience of writing.’

—Phillippa Scowcroft, lucidforge

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A Wood Engraver's Alphabet
A Wood Engraver’s Alphabet
Gerard Brender à Brandis
ISBN 978-0-88984-311-0

‘The prints themselves are beautifully intricate portraits. Emerson said “In every work of genius, we recognize our thoughts. They come back to us with a certain alienated majesty.” Brandis has made the familiar flowers new, beautiful. They‘re rendered devoid of their usual color but with a greater richness and texture.’

—J. A. Howe, Associated Content Reviews

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Alphabet Initials

The following are near complete alphabets made up of attractive, individual initials scanned from old books. Some of the initials have been colourized for a little added pizazz.

Renaissance Romance

Love is in the air! These initials come from a 16th century edition of the Roman de la Rose, a medieval French poem designed to educate and amuse those studying the art of love.

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German Genius

Tradition abounds with these colourized initials. They come from a 16th-century German manuscript, but were modelled after manuscript initials from the 10th century.

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Woodcut Whimsey

This set of colourized versions of woodcut initials from the early 16th century will make a lovely and striking addition to your design projects.

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The Porcupine's Quill would like to acknowledge the support of the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts for our publishing program. The financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canada Book Fund (CBF) is also gratefully acknowledged.

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